About the book:

Her dying father calls her unique, doctors have diagnosed that her “brain is wired wrong,” and most say she’s “plain simple,” but Eve Hayes, a young Down’s syndrome woman, feels only that she’s different. Then, on 21 July 1972-Belfast’s Bloody Friday-Eve encounters the captivating Esther, who ferries Eve on a sequence of illuminating, metaphysical journeys. In order to make sense of the slaughter that surrounds her, Eve must first learn the truth of her perceived difference, and therein unravel the timeless purpose of the silver mist.

About the author:

Martin Treanor’s award-winning writing has been published in Zahir Speculative Fiction, The Spinetingler Anthology in the UK/Ireland, along with numerous other international publications and collections. He also contributed to Stoker Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry’s They Bite. Raised in Belfast during the 1970s, Martin and his fiancee now live in London, with regular visits from his daughter.


“Being different does not disqualify them from life’s lessons. “The Silver Mist” follows Eve Hayes, down syndrome-afflicted individual who through meeting Esther, finds that in spite of her disorder, she has much to learn and is taken on a spiritual and enlightening journey. Touching on spirituality and those with mental disabilities, “The Silver Mist” is a touching and unique read, highly recommended.”


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