Better Karma Publishing is an independent publishing house. We are looking for talented writers who do not necessarily fit one genre, and whose creativity transcends limits imposed by the big publishing firms. We will not publish just to sell; we will publish works that make people think and that plant the seeds for future change. The world is in one crisis after another – and the solutions might be in someone’s written words right now. Be it through fiction, non-fiction, religious or political works, we want to see original ideas that might move us all ahead.

We respect writers and we want to see them succeed; not only we have editing services of all levels, we also distribute the book through the Ingram network, and make a sustained marketing effort to promote it within the industry. As part of the marketing package, each book will be available in Kindle format, and each book will have a dedicated website on our servers.

Send us your manuscript and we will discuss it with you.