The multibillion dollar information technology (IT) industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With that distinction, the industry has an ever-increasing need for workers who can fill the thousands of familiar IT positions already available, as well as take on the roles associated with newly created career options that keep popping up in the field.

Considering a career in information technology, but don’t know where to start? We created a series of books that explores the vast number of entry level jobs available within the growing, lucrative IT industry. In the first book, “Is I.T. a Good Fit for You?”, learn the basic skill sets you’ll need to break in to the field, as well as what you can expect to encounter in the way of industry culture, terminology, and career paths. Then, turn to subsequent books to learn the specific job requirements for such positions as developer, analyst, tester, and more. The series is published by Better Karma Publishing (

You can find our books here:

Is I.T. Right for You?

How to Start as a Business Analyst

How to Start as a Software Developer

Now go GET I.T. and see what a great career you’ve been missing!


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