About the book:

Rudolph Vincenzo is always in trouble. His runaway imagination is too hot for the small, frosty little town of Asbury. So when Rudolph needs an escape, his imagination creates one: FingerTip Island, a supernatural place where the slightest thought becomes reality and brings his best daydreams alive. His little brother thinks he’s brilliant. His older sister thinks he’s insane. Rudolph takes both of them along to his tropical paradise where tigers are tour guides, bathtubs make handy weapons, and creepy creatures are around every corner. The possibilities for excitement and danger are endless and soon Rudolph and his siblings find their best ideas and worst fears coming to life. When a chill blows in and their adventure is threatened by the thing they fear most, Rudolph finds that a good imagination is the island’s-and his-last hope. Midwest Book Review calls the book “a great adventure read for kids in need of creativity unlocking”.

About the author:

Ned Rauch-Mannino knows the importance of a good imagination. With endless possibilities in mind, it keeps him constantly pursuing all things exciting and exhilarating. Always seeking that adventure of a lifetime, he travels the globe participating in research expeditions and other missions, doing what he can to help others and avoid some really, really big snakes. When he’s not kayaking with alligators or haggling over lamp prices in the Grand Bazaar, he lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter. He spends his time enjoying the outdoors, teaching at Temple University, and trying to grow passion fruit vines in his kitchen.


“After writing “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll famously said: “Sometimes I believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Is there any greater endorsement for the power of imagination? “FingerTip Island” is an adventure story to fire the imagination. I’ve just read it with my 8-year-old grandson (a chapter per night) and he was captivated – couldn’t wait to find out what happens next.

For me, this had all the hallmarks of enduring children’s classics (Alice, Peter Pan) – adventure, fantasy, suspense, danger. For my grandson (more importantly!), Rudolph Vincenzo was a naughty-but-nice character he could immediately identify with. While we were reading this book together, he was more interested in the next FingerTip chapter than playing games on his computer.

We eagerly await the sequel!”


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