About the book:

Rudolph Vincenzo is still in trouble. This time, Asbury’s biggest bully casts a large shadow over the eleven-year-old, and his school’s bully problem is out of control. Fortunately, Rudolph has an escape, and decides it’s time to share his greatest adventure with his best friends. But as he and his friends take flight, the most bothersome of bullies follow them to FingerTip Island. Middle school imaginations face off in the Vincenzos’ thrilling return adventure to FingerTip Island. Rudolph, June, and Gus join forces with fresh faces to protect the island from a fearsome foursome. Prehistoric creatures and superpowered super villains find Rudolph fighting once again to save FingerTip Island. Taking a stand against the hot-headed, the unstable, and the unruly, Rudolph and his friends hope their best ideas can send their worst classmates back home and solve their bully problem once and for all.

About the author:

Ned Rauch-Mannino knows the importance of a good imagination. With endless possibilities in mind, it keeps him constantly pursuing all things exciting and exhilarating. Always seeking that adventure of a lifetime, he travels the globe participating in research expeditions and other missions, doing what he can to help others and avoid some really, really big snakes. When he’s not kayaking with alligators or haggling over lamp prices in the Grand Bazaar, he lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter. He spends his time enjoying the outdoors, teaching at Temple University, and trying to grow passion fruit vines in his kitchen.


“We are loving this series. This second FingerTip Island continues to deliver important messages for children – this time how to react to bullying – and blends it into an enjoyable story. Loved the characters, and the villains each own their own niche. Great read in our house.”
“My two sons and I just wrapped up the second book last night. The series has been a pleasant surprise especially since the boys aren’t big readers for anything chapter book. Great to learn there is a series that can get them hooked. See my review on the first book for other likes about the story.”


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