About the book:

What if modern Jesus is one of us and lives amongst us, adapting to the times and doing good by running a huge corporation. When the corporation is starting to show signs of change and its CEO disappears, two unsuspecting friends get pulled into a rescue mission they are not prepared for. As they negotiate their way through the cold hallways of the company and use magic from ancient times, they come to find the ultimate meaning of their life. The story is funny, tragic, and absolutely original.

About the author:

Zorina Alliata is a Romanian-American writer living and working in the Washington, DC area. She has published and self-published several works, both in Romania and the US. She is married and has a son.


“Like Mark Haddon’s brilliant debut, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time,” Zorina Alliata’s “Anamnesis” enthrals with the magic of numbers, the spellbinding obscurity of quantum mechanics, and the age-old and universal search for Truth. There are hints of Paul Coelho, too, with the allegorical conflicts between ancient and modern, good and evil, darkness and light, never too far from the surface. Against the backdrop of the stock market crash of October 2008, two young pawns in a faceless, monolithic company are forced to confront themselves and their destiny, and to ask and answer the big and timeless questions: Who are we? What are we? What is the purpose and meaning of life? Despite – or perhaps because of – these lofty aspirations, the novel is both fast paced and beautifully written, the contrasts between the ancient beliefs and traditions of Romanian culture and the modern, capitalist, American world starkly and realistically portrayed. Highly recommended.”

“This is an original, otherworldly tale set in what is usually the most mundane of places – the workplace. This heavily detailed story seamlessly moves back and forth between the two main characters, their histories and their common goals, while also thorougly rounding out the supporting characters. What I liked most is that I thought I had at least one aspect of the ending all figured out only to read on and learn that I was so wrong! Screenplay material.”


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