About the Book:

Detective Siegfried Walker investigated and solved graveyards full of murders during his career, but his most recent case has him investigating not only a murder but the nature of good and evil as well as the existence of God. In a single moment on a June night, 57 people who lived all along the East Coast of the United States believed they had experienced the overwhelming presence of God. Four months later, some of those same people experienced the overwhelming presence of untimely death. Is a psycho on the loose stalking these “chosen” people, or is something more demonic at work?

About the author:

Zorina Alliata is a Romanian-American writer living and working in the Washington, DC area. She has published and self-published several works, both in Romania and the US. She is married and has a son.


Great mystery, unusual story and an unexpected twist make this a book you will remember. A writer to watch, Zorina Alliata definitely knows how to capture the imagination and keep her readers guessing.


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